The Star People Concept

Star people are alleged to influence planets with information.

It is believed that the purpose of this existence on earth is to discover the true meaning of life and promote the elevation of the human spirit to a higher level.

This belief may bear its roots in folklore and most especially the culture of the Native Americans who believed in our creation from visits by people from the stars. Such Native Americans also had a belief in visits from our out worldly forbears.

One Comment about “The Star People Concept”

  1. natasha maloney Says:

    hey my friend went to a psychic i had been out of touch with him for two years… he was told that he had a starchild in his life who wasnt aware of her gifts yet… then she said my name.

    i cant seem to figure out what a starchild is other than an alien being.. and i dont look like that.

    i have had many out of body experiences though, sleep paralisys, premenitions and so fourth.. dont know if thats part of it or not.


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